alexis gale parents

The story of Alexis Gale’s parents is a fascinating one. Her father, Jimmie Gale, was involved in a trailer accident in 2014, which claimed the life of his friend James McNair. Alexis Gale has African-Asian ancestry and her mother is of Asian descent. Both Jimmie and Alexis are American citizens. The couple have three children, including Alexis, who is nine, and Naomi Bettie Allen, who is seven.

Ellyne Gale

Alexis Gale is a registered nurse. She was born on 6 January 1996 in Milton, Delaware. Her parents, Tyrone and Ellyne Gale, are American nationals. Tyrone Gale, Jr. is the president of Atlantic Transportation. Ellyne is a registered nurse. Alexis has one sister, Ashley. Both parents are involved in the entertainment industry.

Alexis was born on 6 January 1996 in Milton, Delaware, USA. She is the daughter of Tyrone Gale Jr. and Ellyne Gale. Her parents are African-Americans. She is a Registered Nurse. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is unknown. She has black hair and brown eyes. Her parents are married. She is a professional speaker and a singer.

Alexis Gale attended Margarate H.Rollins School of Nursing and is currently enrolled at Delaware Technical Community College. In June of 2013, Alexis married Jimmie Allen, an American country music singer. The two met through their cousin’s wife. Alexis is the eldest of the couple’s two daughters. She will soon be expecting her second child. Until then, Alexis and Jimmie Gale will stay in Milton to raise their two young children.

Tyrone Gale Jr

The relationship between Tyrone Gale Jr. and Alexis Gale is complicated, to say the least. Although they share the same ethnic heritage, Tyrone is not African-American. His father, Tyrone Sr., is an African-American who founded Atlantic Transportation Services. Although Tyrone was an overweight child, he has been very vocal about his business background. His father was killed in a traffic accident in June 2014. The couple has since reconciled, but their relationship remains troubled.

In June 2018, Alexis Gale’s parents welcomed a new addition to their family. Jimmie Allen is a country singer and podcast host, who married Alexis Gale last week. The couple is expecting their second child, a daughter named Zara James Allen, in June. Jimmie Allen’s father used to drive A-list celebrities to events. Jimmie Allen has a history of supporting his family, and has been involved in several nonprofits and charitable organizations.

Alexis was born on January 6, 1996, to Tyrone and Ellyne Gale. She is the older of their two daughters. Her father is the president of Atlantic Transportation. Tyrone used to chauffeur A-list stars in the state of Delaware. He even drove Tracy Morgan one time in June 2014, where they struck up a friendship. It’s easy to see why their relationship has flourished.