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Thandie Newton Parents

Have you ever wondered what Thandie Newton’s parents were like? Are they of Zimbabwean and British descent? Do you know that she has three children? If so, then you’re about to learn. In this article, you’ll learn about Thandie Newton’s parents, how she met her… Read More »Thandie Newton Parents

Madison VanDenburg Parents

Madison VanDenburg has two half-siblings: Colton and Chloe. Madison’s parents are Denine and Skip Vandenberg. She is a fear of flying, but she managed to travel to LA with them, and she is set to watch the finale episode of American Idol on May 19… Read More »Madison VanDenburg Parents

Mikey Williams’s Parents

Mikey Williams’s parents have been active members of the basketball community. His father played basketball and his mother played softball. His mother, a gym rat, taught him how to play the game. Their children were influenced by both. During the early years of Mikey’s life,… Read More »Mikey Williams’s Parents

Amber Stevens West Parents

The West parents were Shadoe Stevens and LaVerne Maxine Baas. Their daughter Amber Stevens was born in Beverly Hills in 1981. Amber started acting and modeling while she was a student at Beverly Hills High School. She was signed by modeling agencies Nu Talent Agency… Read More »Amber Stevens West Parents