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Canelo Alvarez’s Parents

    canelo parents

    Are Canelo Alvarez’s parents boxers? If so, why is he so successful? Canelo is the younger brother of welterweight boxer Rigoberto Alvarez. He started boxing at the age of 13 and twice won the Junior Mexican National Championships. He then made his professional debut at 14 and became the WBC World Championship runner-up at age 20. His parents are both boxers.

    Ana Maria Barragan

    If you’re wondering who the boxing superstar Ana Maria Barragan is, you’re not alone. The boxer’s parents are equally well-known in the boxing world. The couple split when he was fifteen years old, so his father has been ensuring him of his success ever since. His mother is Irish and redheaded, and she’s believed to have inherited that trait from her mother. However, she never cut her maternal ties with her boxing star son. Her father has also never separated from her daughter and never moved away from her. In fact, she and her husband have eight children altogether.

    Santos Alvarez

    Santos Alvarez, Canelo’s parents, are from Mexico City. They met in high school and are separated by the time Emily was born. His mother, Karen Beltran, was a former sweetheart from Saul’s high school. The couple separated shortly after Emily was born, and Canelo is very close to his daughter. He is very proud of his daughter and takes her everywhere.

    Karen Beltran

    Canelo Alvarez and Karen Beltran met in high school. They began dating and married soon after. The couple welcomed their first child, Emily Cinnamon, in 2007. The two separated in 2008, but have kept in touch with each other and their daughter. Canelo and Karen attend her school events and her birthday parties. Canelo and Karen have not publicly discussed their divorce. The couple has a long history together, but Karen is now a model and Karen is an actress.

    Fernanda Gomez

    Before she got married to boxing star Canelo Alvarez, Fernanda went on to invest in the real estate business. Her investments are not limited to Mexico, but also the United States. In fact, Fernanda is one of the wealthiest people in the real estate industry, and she has a great interest in it. So, what are her parents’ names?


    Ricardo Canelo and Fernanda Gomez were married in 2021. They have four children: Maria, Canelo, and Saul. His wife, Fernanda, is a social media star and a businesswoman. Her son, Victor, has also pursued boxing as a hobby. Canelo, who is a practicing Christian, is also an entrepreneur.