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Captive by A J Grainger – Kid’s Book Overview

    Captive by A J Grainger


    The Children’s book Captive by A J Grainger will typically be a good fit for kids who have a reading comprehension level of 13 years of age.

    Based on typical maturity levels and interests of kids at a similar age, most children aged 13 will find that the book is a good fit for their interests, and won’t be too childish, or too mature for them (this is just a general recommendation.

    Short Synopsis

    We’ve included a short synopsis below:

    Robyn is scared. Ever since the attempted assassination of her dad, the British prime minister, she dreads leaving home. Especially when he’s staying in Downing Street and she’s off to her grandparents’ country estate. But this time, the animal rights activists aren’t after the prime minister. It’s Robyn they want.
    Kidnapped at gunpoint, incarcerated in a tiny cell, Robyn wonders how far her dad will go to secure her release. Doubts about lies and corruption at the heart of government start to fester. At the same time, she grows close to one of her captors – the boy with regret and melancholy in his captivating green eyes…
    A gripping read and a moving exploration of identity, celebrity, loyalty, politics and power.

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