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Christian Christmas Movies For Kids

    christian christmas movies for kids

    If you are looking for some good Christian Christmas movies for kids, there are plenty of great choices out there. Popular children’s movies and TV specials include The Polar Express and The Nativity Story. A Charlie Brown Christmas is another great choice. The Muppet Christmas Carol is also a favorite of many. But what about movies geared towards adults? Is there anything else that you can watch with your children that teaches about Jesus?

    The Polar Express

    In a recent Seattle movie theater, a young girl ran from her seat and followed the train’s locomotive up the aisle. The little girl was probably four or five years old, but she was already used to watching cartoons on the family television. The movie’s evangelical message was so strong that it has its own promotional DVD, as well as a family Bible study guide. Although the movie doesn’t explicitly promote Christianity, it does mention it. One of the characters is a hobo, who comes and goes. The only potentially scary scene is a train boxcar filled with discarded toys.

    The Nativity Story

    Several Christian children’s films tell the story of Jesus’ birth, and The Nativity Story is no exception. This well-known tale focuses on the struggles of Mary and Joseph in the days before Jesus was born. It is a touching film, and it has earned high ratings from many Christian organizations. While some children’s movies portray the birth of Jesus as a tragedy, this one focuses on its happy ending.

    The Very First Noel

    This Christian Christmas movie for kids tells the story of Jesus’ birth from the perspective of the wise men. Narrated by Andy Griffith, the film tells the story in rhyme and is filled with beautiful animation. The story is perfect for both children and adults. The story also includes a few Christmas carols, which help keep the children engaged. It is sure to make you smile with its touching message.

    The Muppet Christmas Carol

    The Muppet Christmas Carol is the definitive Christmas film. This film is the perfect screen adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novella of the same name. One of its unfortunate side effects is convincing a generation of children that Marley had a brother named Robert. However, if you ask kids to name three Christmas movies, the answer will be The Muppet Christmas Carol. So, what are the best Christian Christmas movies for kids?

    The Christmas Candle

    If you’re looking for a movie to watch with the kids this Christmas, consider The Christmas Candle for kids. The story is a touching look at Christmas and its magic. The film is a touching story about a 19th century English reverend who has given up on miracles, but the village he lives in believes in the magical powers of a Christmas candle touched by an angel. After the Christmas candle miraculously cures Richmond, he finds himself a new family and a renewed sense of faith.