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Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts – Kid’s Book Overview

    Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts


    The Children’s book Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts will typically be a good fit for kids who have a reading comprehension level of 10 years of age.

    Based on typical maturity levels and interests of kids at a similar age, most children aged 14 will find that the book is a good fit for their interests, and won’t be too childish, or too mature for them (this is just a general recommendation.

    Short Synopsis

    We’ve included a short synopsis below:

    After a huge earthquake strikes every continent on Earth, strange things start happening and people begin behaving very oddly. Aries survives a bus crash, while Clementine barely escapes the horror of a town massacre. While Mason is in hospital at his dying mother’s bedside his school is destroyed and all his friends killed, whilst Michael’s experience of a road rage incident leaves him reeling… These four survivors soon realise they must draw on all their resources to fight an unknown evil taking over their world.This is the story of four teenagers and their struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Dark and disturbing yet exciting, it reveals real humanity and emotion, as the relationships between the young people are tested to the limit. A readable and refreshing take on the zombie genre.

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