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Demi Lovato Parents

    demi lovato parents

    Are you wondering who Demi Lovato’s parents are? This article will answer your questions about her ethnicity, parents, and relationship with Wilmer Valderrama. The Lovato family is from Los Angeles, California. While Lovato was first on the children’s TV show Barney & Friends, her rise to fame came after starring in the movie Mitchie Torres. Her parents are both musicians, so this information is important.

    Demi Lovato’s father

    When the singer was a little girl, her parents split up, and her mother is now Demi’s stepfather. Her father passed away in 2013, and while Demi Lovato was close to her stepfather, she had a difficult relationship with her biological father. Patrick Lovato was a renowned alcoholic who abused his daughter. It was no wonder that Demi Lovato had conflicting feelings when her dad passed away.

    When Demi was a young girl, her parents’ relationship was strained, and she often complained about being bullied at school. Her father suffered from mental illness and struggled to hold down the family patriarch role. Her mother remarried in 1995, but detailed instances of domestic abuse by her first husband. Her relationship with her father was also complicated by her mother’s remarriage.

    Her mother

    Demi Lovato’s mom is an actress and singer who has openly spoken about her past addictions and eating disorder issues. She was married to Eddie De La Garza in 1995, and has two daughters. After Dianna’s divorce, her daughters started careers in entertainment and singing, and she later became an actress and songwriter. While raising her daughters, she was also open about her own drug addiction and eating disorders.

    Dianna Lee Smith is Demi Lovato’s mother. She was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1962. Her parents divorced when she was two years old, and she spent the next four years trying to recover. Her mother also battled substance abuse and a severe eating disorder, but eventually found love and happiness with her husband. During that time, Demi began to pursue a career in music and became a star.

    Her ethnicity

    After Twitter users panned her latest announcement, Demi Lovato has revealed her ethnicity. While many fans are thrilled, some are less than pleased. Lovato said she is one percent African and apologized for offending anyone. She has since tweeted another screenshot showing that she is not African. However, fans of the pop star are not going to dismiss the possibility that she is African. There are many reasons why Lovato is not African.

    Despite being an American citizen, Demi Lovato was raised in Dallas, Texas. Her parents are both from Mexico, but she also spoke Spanish and was once on Spanish television. She has a patrilineal line that traces back to her parents Andres and Inasita Pena, who were Spanish immigrants living in New Mexico in the 1800s. In addition to Spanish ancestry, she is also said to be a little Native American.

    Her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama

    Despite their recent breakup, fans of Demi Lovato still “ship” the two actors. Lovato split from her fiance Max Ehrich in 2020, and Valderrama is currently pregnant with his first child with Amanda Pacheco. The couple met in 2010 when they starred in a public service announcement for Voto Latino. However, the couple was very private about their romance. Valderrama made a brief cameo in Lovato’s 2014 music video. Their relationship grew into something more romantic over time, and it was reported that Lovato had relapsed from drugs and alcohol, which led to an overdose in July 2018.

    According to sources, the two dated for six years. The couple was rumored to be engaged for two months before Valderrama’s new movie The Expendables 3 came out. However, Lovato was more excited about their engagement than Valderrama was. It’s unclear if Valderrama was the man she was looking for. Lovato’s father abandoned her when she was a child and died of cancer. The two have not spoken publicly about their relationship, but the actress’ mother has reportedly told people that she wanted the actor to join the family as soon as possible.