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Football Movies For Kids

    football movies for kids

    If your son or daughter loves football, you might want to watch some of these football movies for kids. Invincible, Triumph of the Heart, and Friday Night Lights are all worth checking out. In fact, you can even watch some of them during your next Disney vacation! Just keep these suggestions in mind for a fun and informative movie night with your family! And don’t forget to check out our other lists of fun movies for kids!


    There are many invincible football movies for kids on the market today. Invincible is the latest one to hit the screens. The film is a biopic about Vince Papale, a former pro football player who now coaches at a juvenile detention center. Although the movie is not very sentimental, it features an impressive cast and a great storyline. Kids will enjoy the movie and the lessons it teaches about teamwork, self-esteem and empowerment.

    Invincible is a 2006 American sports drama film directed by Ericson Core. Based on the true story of Vince Papale, the movie tells the story of a scrappy underdog who fought for his dream to play football. The underdog helps his team regain the winning spirit and rallys the city. Invincible is a must-see for any sports fan. This football movie for kids is sure to have the audience cheering along.

    Triumph of the Heart

    If you’re looking for a heartwarming football movie for kids, you should check out the 1991 made-for-TV film, “Triumphant of the Heart”. Based on real events, it tells the story of the first player drafted into the NFL, Ricky Bell. Bell was diagnosed with a rare muscle and skin disorder that eventually led to his death. In the movie, Bell befriends a young boy who shares his dreams of playing football. This PG-rated film is available on Netflix.

    Featuring George Clooney and John Krasinski, Triumph of the Heart is an enjoyable family movie that teaches kids about the beginning of American football. In the beginning, there were no rules for the game and the helmets were made of the same material as the football. Fans of this sport know that nothing beats the thrill of a chilly evening at the game. Luckily, there are plenty of movies out there that allow kids to experience the excitement of the game without spending hours in a stadium.

    We Are Marshall

    The film is based on a true story about a West Virginia town. The movie is about the tragic crash of a plane in 1970 that killed 58 people, including players and fans of Marshall University’s football team. The film tells the story of the community’s recovery, including the football game itself, but also the challenges of grieving after a tragic loss. The film follows the survivors and their friends and family members as they cope with the grief.

    The story of Marshall University begins after the team loses a close game against East Carolina University. While a recruiting trip is planned, the coach is forced to cancel it due to the injury of three of his players. When the players return, the community is left devastated, but Jack Lengyel agrees to lead the team. A team-building exercise goes awry when the players are hurt. This movie is rated TV-PG.

    Friday Night Lights

    If you’re looking for a great football movie for kids, Friday Night Lights might be the right choice. The movie is a sports drama about an elite high school football team in Texas. It also deals with racial tension, underage drinking, and sexual tension. Parents should know that Friday Night Lights contains mature themes, including sexual references and violence. If you’re unsure about whether the movie is appropriate for your kids, you should read the parent guide before purchasing the DVD.

    While Friday Night Lights has a classic sports movie structure, it’s much more than just a football movie. This drama shows how fans of all levels of the sport work together to win, and how the pressures of competition affect everyone. The movie also features touching insights and gorgeous performances. Despite its age-appropriate content, this movie will still have plenty to teach your kids about what success means. The characters are realistic and show how communication and teamwork are key to success.