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Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust Relationship

    joseline hernandez parents

    The love and hip hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez has a very colorful past. In addition to being on the show, Joseline was a victim of a Lil Scrappy-Stevie J fight off-camera. She once allegedly raped Stevie in front of her therapist. Joseline has also revealed some of her past, including being a stripper and alleged prostitute.

    Joseline Hernandez’s father died of a heroin overdose

    Joséline Hernandez, a high school dropout, was born in Puerto Rico. Her biological father, Luis, died of a heroin overdose when he was young. Joseline’s mom, Carmen, raised her two siblings. Her older sister Yanira died of an overdose at age six. Joseline’s family moved to Miami, Florida when her father passed away. In 2013, Joseline claimed to be married to her long-term boyfriend Stevie J. She and Stevie had a daughter Bonnie together.

    Her father’s death

    After a brief stint as a child actress, Joseline has risen to fame in the entertainment industry. While she was born into a poor family, she learned how to work and earn from an early age. Her early success led her to regular television appearances and a series of impressive milestones, including a career as a singer. Joseline’s work is incredible, and she is often referred to as the Puerto Rican Princess.

    Her relationship with Stevie J

    Mimi Faust recently opened up about her relationship with Stevie J. The former Love and Hip-Hop star has since moved on and found love with Ty Young. They recently celebrated their second engagement. Mimi recently appeared on TS Madison’s new show Turnt Out, where she talked about embracing her new love and letting go of the past. In an exclusive interview with TS Madison, Mimi discussed the challenges she faced after her relationship with Stevie ended in divorce.

    Her salary

    After joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in 2012, Joseline Hernandez immediately became an overnight celebrity. She worked alongside her then-boyfriend, Stevie J, and the two were jailed twice for indecent and lascivious behavior. Joseline’s storyline with Mimi Faust made the show the most successful spin-off series of the series. The show brought in 3.5 million viewers every episode in its heyday.

    Her children

    After the breakup between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez, it was widely speculated that both would take custody of their children. However, Joseline later stated that it was Stevie who had been the primary caregiver for the children. The couple’s divorce was reportedly not over. During the season three reunion, Joseline revealed that she is indeed pregnant with Stevie’s child. The news shocked fans.