Angles Rap

gonna talk about angles and lines if you please
unit of an angle is a degree
not the degree that makes you hot or cold
this aint temperature,  ain’t even close
start with two lines in this joint
converge at the vertex, or an endpoint
the point I’m tryin’ to make with this rhyme, it’s not
it’s a geometric point, looks like a dot
angulus means corner in Latin
ankylos means crooked in Greek if you’re rappin’
corners everywhere, 90 degree angles
listen up now, so with angles you can tangle
one line drawn straight up, makes an angle right
in Latin it’s rectus, in English that’s upright
word borrowed from the Romans, ya see
Julius Caesar was a G until 44 BC
draw a line inside an angle of 90 degrees
now you got two angles called complementary
for example if you got an angle of 33
its complementary is 57, B
if you open angle wider, double the size
to you might look like a straight line
there’s still a vertex as you can see
got yourself  an angle of 180 degrees
if you cut this angle of 180
now you got two called supplementary
for example if you got an angle of 120
supplementary is 60, money
vertical angles formed by intersecting lines
easy way to find ‘em all each and every time
opposite ones are equal to each other
that’s the truth kid, even ask your mother
for example if one angle is 70
find vertical angle x, man that’s easy
x is 70 and other two you can find
supplementary angle on other side of the line
that means other two are 110
supplementary angles equal 180 and
opposites are the same, now you know it all
now let’s talk about an angle that’s really small
small is a cute little angle now
acute angles are less than 90 degrees, wow
fat angles are obese or obtuse
greater than 90, that angle got some juice
wanna intersect parallel lines, don’t hit the floor
2 sets of  vertical angles turn into 4
same exact angles are formed below
don’t let these corresponding angles make ya slow
all you need to know about angles there it is
so you can pass that math quiz
if you get stuck and need to discover
listen to my rhyme to have all the angles covered