How To Graph Linear Equations Rap

axis – x, goes from right to left
axis – y, goes from low to high
this rhyme’s gonna take away all your frustrations
by teaching  you how to graph linear equations
first make sure you got axes set up
then put the numbers in thas wassup
take a look at the formula of that line
y = mx + b looks so fine
Linear EQuations – as easy as connecting the dots
from b, ride m, now you’re in two spots
connect the dots to make that line son
extend in each direction and you’re done
not throwin’ you a line jack, just the one in this rap
in LINEar there’s a LINE, crossin’ that LINE with this rhyme
start with the b or y-intercept
crosses that y-axis, it’s the best
for example if y = 2x + 3
3 is where the first dot’s gotta be
next look at m, or the slope
changin’ to a  fraction, makin’ it dope
2 is actually 2/1
slope is gonna be rise over run
move up two from that first dot
then run right one, man this is getting hot
place the second dot at that next point
almost done with that joint
Let’s try another one y = 1/2 x – 4
b is -4, first step is done but there’s more
from that spot on the y-axis, you need to
follow the slope, up one, right two
connect the dots to make that line
extend in each direction, take your time
label it too,  keep it nice
now a math pro, you’re as cool as ice
what if you had 2y = -3 x
Solve for y first before you get to what’s next
y = -3/2 x
or y = -3/2  x + 0  now do the rest
first dot at y-intercept of zero
think about this next step don’t be no hero
-3 means go down 3
then run right two, get it now G