if you see a long mathematical expression man
simplify it by combining what you can
makes it much easier, don’t make me stutter
PEMDAS makes math smooth like butter
first is the P, means Parentheses
go inside those curved lines, believe me
do all the math you find in them
rewrite the expression now my friend
E for Exponents in the second phase
those little numbers you see that are raised
for example if you have 3 to the second power
make it a 9 real fast, don’t take an hour
third is M for Multiplication
in an expression or an equation
simplify by timesin’ what you see
and if  no operation next to parentheses
D is for Divide, order number four
divide could be a slash or maybe something more
a line in a fraction that can be simplified
or two dots above and below a straight line
Addition is the operation second to last
almost done with PEMDAS so that test you can pass
add the numbers with addition signs between ‘em son
should have no other operations left but one
number six is Subtraction, that’s the S
look for tiny horizontal line, don’t guess
difference between two numbers, just about done
take away amount on right from the left one
if you forget PEMDAS don’t sweat it
remember this phrase that’ll help you get it
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
it’s in every classroom from NYC to Cali