Pi Rap

take all the points equidistant
from one center and in an instant
you have a shape that very familiar
a circle is round and well, it’s circular
parts are real easy, a few you need to know
radius is length of center to outside, yo
double radius and you’ve got diameter
goes from one side straight to the other
take the outside and go all the way around
length is circumference, like a king’s crown
go around a wheel, my bling, or anything that’s round
see circumference everywhere, don’t be no clown
special number you also need to know called π
mathematical constant, same everywhere, why
divide circumference by diameter, this is pretty fly
always get 3.14 no matter circle’s size
Egyptians were the first to discover pi
used it to build the pyramids so high
tallest manmade structures in the world, believe me
for nearly 4,000 years until 1311 A.D.
let’s say circumference is C, diameter d
then C=πd, aint this easy
if radius is r then C is 2πr
Since d is double r, now we’re goin really far
let’s try an example with Dayton 22’s
22 inches in diameter you use
use C=πd on that sweet ride
length around that rim is 69.115
what if you want to know the size of some bling
droppin a G per sq inch of that round thing
need to know the area to figure out the cost
A=πr2, now you the boss
times the radius by itself then pi
radius is 3 inches, 32 is 9
wastin your dollars, instead you could buy a car
price of that piece is more than 28 large
when your ridin’ on your Ds and you got a mad thirst
is a soda can enough, gotta know sumthin’ first
can is a cylinder, top is a circle aight
find area then multiply by height
find volume of how much the can can fill
it’s V=πr2h, now you can chill
until you get to the basketball game
see that sphere get taken to the hole by LeBron James
rules say make C 29.5 inches dude
can you find the volume if it’s 4/3πr3
any circumference equals 2πr
told you this is true no matter where you are
divide each side by 2 and get 14.75
then by π and r equals 4.695
plug that in to 4/3πr3 fo sho
volume in cubic inches is about 434