Rational and Irrational Numbers Rap

numbers on a number line are considered real
not imaginary man, that’s a big deal
real numbers are made up of two different kinds
got irrational and rational on my mind
ever hear someone being irrational talk
going on and on, away you wanna walk
all the words are jumbled, not makin no sense
same thing with numbers in this rhyme I will commence
an irrational number has no pattern at all
decimal keeps goin’, off the page it’s gonna fall
irrationals can still be ballers no lie
most famous one is a number called π
I could keep going but I’m already tired
rational numbers make a lot more sense
let’s take 0.5 or five tenths
it’s actually 0.5000
no need to write all the zeros you already know
decimal goes on and on and repeats
no need to keep writing,  just keep it neat
that’s a rational number, irrational its not
can be written as a fraction too, that’s sayin’ a lot
5/10 reduces to 1/2, nice and clean
1 divided by 2 is 0.5 you get what I mean
another rational number is radical 16
it’s called a perfect square, if you haven’t seen
one of these it’s easy, what number times itself
will give you 16? can do this by yourself
answer is 4 c’mon ya gotta know it’s real
think about it man it ain’t no big deal
use common sense there ain’t no trick
lemme explain the answer right quick
whole numbers can also be written as fractions
for example 4 can be written as a fraction
put the denominator underneath the 4 son
now you got a fraction of 4/1
1/3 is rational, can you guess why
well, it’s a fraction that’s an easy one guy
but when you convert it, know you what you get
a repeating decimal 0.33333333333333333333… you know the rest
rational numbers are easy to write
just memba that, keep the math tight
if you wanna get loose you can approximate
the value of an irrational, just wait
take your time think about what it could be
for example √2 must be between
1 and 2 since 12 is 1
and 22 is 4 son
try 1.2 times itself, what d’ya get
1.44 too little try again
1.3 times itself is 1.69
gettin’ a little closer each and every time
answers gonna be about 1.4
times it by itself got 1.96 or
take 1.41 to get more accurate
times it by itself to get 1.988