Statistics Rap

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crazy talk don’t make no sense jack
don’t act the fool, just quote the stats
if you about to say sumthin’ wack
Probability Police got yo back
you can predict the future without guessin’
don’t need a psychic, with you I aint messin’
collect and organize the data driven metrics
interpret the trends, it’s called statistics
kinda tough to say things are a 100%
if it hasn’t happened yet, then it’s a future event
lookin’ at past data though is pretty ill
see if it can’t happen or if it probably will
data is information based on facts
not sensational stories, thems things is wack
got an argument, back it up, don’t be lazy
refer to documented info, else you be lookin’ crazy
probability is number of favorable outcomes
divided by total number of possible outcomes
if you flip a coin and want it to come up heads
got a 1 out of two chance, 50% I said
1 divided by 2 equals five tenths
that’s 0.5 or 50 hundredths
convert to percent by takin’ my advice
move the decimal to the right twice
36 possible outcomes with two die
6 different ways to roll a seven, guy
most common combo for that event
probability is 17%
jar with 20 marbles has 9 green
4 red 7 black that you can see
probability of not grabbing a red one
16 over 20 or 80% son
listing all outcomes is something to do later
mean, median, mode are ways of lookin’ at data
mean is average, all the values you add
divide by the number of values you have
median is the value in the middle, yessur
after listing them all in ascending order
mode appears the greatest number of times
now comes the graphing part of this rhyme
data in a picture makes it more clear
pie chart lists percentages, have no fear
line and bar graphs, we’ll be releasing
to tell is something is increasing or decreasing
global warming is  a hot topic
temperature going up pretty quick
don’t take my word for it, check the statistics
line graph looks like a hockey stick
pie chart says 33% got obesity
1 out of every three of us need to eat more healthy
bar graph tells us that by 2018, ya hear
medical costs will be about $344 billion per year
look at the past to predict the trends
make positive changes now and see what happens
gotta gather up all the info
and look at it all the different ways bro