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Matt Corral and His Parents

    matt corral parents

    Matt Corral is an American football player who plays the quarterback position for the Ole Miss Rebels. He is currently dating Rhine Michaels. Corral was born on 31 January 1999, and is a California native. His full name is Matt Anthony Corral. His parents are Peter and Elizabeth Corral. Corral is a Christian, and his parents are of American nationality. His girlfriend Rhine is also a Christian.

    Liz Corral

    As a couple, Matt and Liz Corral have an incredibly interesting relationship. While Matt is a high-profile football player and is currently the third-ranked quarterback in the NFL draft, Liz posts about her children’s games and her relationship with God. The couple married in 1988 and have three children. Matt, a four-star recruit, has already committed to play for the University of Florida. His sister, Jessica, is a sports model. The two are also fans of each other on social media, keeping the public abreast of their personal lives.

    Matt Corral is an American citizen. His height is six feet one inch and his weight is ninety-three kilograms. While at college, he played football for the University of Southern California, University of Florida, and the University of Mississippi. In addition, he played at the 2021 Outback Bowl, where he completed 16 of 22 passes for 239 yards. The Corrals have also been fans of Matt’s sports activities since high school and often attend his games.

    Peter Corral

    Matthew Corral, 22, and his parents, Peter and Elizabeth, are a prominent couple in California. They grew up in Carpinteria, California, where Peter was a football player. Their father joined the Marine Corps after graduating from high school. The Corrals got married in 1988 and have three sons, including Matt, who’s a four-star recruit. He’s a committed football player to the University of Florida, but he may have to settle for a different school to play his sport.

    Matthew Corral has incredible stats. As a sophomore at Ole Miss, he completed 16 of 22 passes for 239 yards and one touchdown. Despite a redshirt year in 2018, his parents are huge supporters of their son. His father is a former US Marine, and his mother works in the web media industry. Both of Matt’s parents are extremely supportive, and they attend most of their son’s games.

    Raine Michaels

    Matt Corral and Raine Michaels dated in high school. Raine was known for her athletic prowess and Matt had similar goals in life. Matt is currently a quarterback at the University of Mississippi, and both are studying Multi-Disciplinary Studies. In high school, they were dating each other, but they broke up after graduation. The couple has remained friends on social media. Raine and Matt are not gay, so their relationship is rumored to be casual.

    After dating for a while, Raine and Matt went their separate ways in 2018, but now they are friends on social media. Raine is also a model. She has been active on Instagram and Twitter, and has a healthy lifestyle. She has the eyes of her actress father, Hazel Ross. The two are not in a relationship right now, and haven’t revealed their relationship status. Raine is heterosexual, and Matt is bisexual.

    Elizabeth Corral

    Peter and Elizabeth Corral are the proud parents of QB Matt, a sophomore at the University of Mississippi. Matt was born in Ventura, California, on January 31, 1999. His parents, Peter and Elizabeth, attended Carpinteria High School. Peter served in the United States Marine Corps. Although he was away for a year or two for his military service, Peter always found time to watch Matt play. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is an active member of the social media scene. She often posts about her religion and prays for Matt and his family.

    Elizabeth Corral grew up in Carpinteria, California, where she attended Carpinteria High School. Her father, Peter, enlisted in the Marine Corps upon graduation. Peter and Liz Corral married in 1988 and have three sons. Their oldest son, Matt, is a four-star recruit who committed to the University of Florida and Matt Luke’s Ole Miss Rebels. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games.