Pythagorean Theorem Rap

90 degrees make up a right angle
corner of a square or a rectangle
forms a type of triangle that’s right
gonna rhyme about this with all my might
gonna rhyme about triangles if you don’t mind
in total there are a few different kinds
isosceles: 2 sides are the same
scalene: 3 unequal of a frame
one special shape is everywhere though
look in a corner, right triangle bro
3 angles, one of which is 90 degrees
understand this and you’ll hold all the keys sides are called two legs and hypotenuse
hypotenuse gives the right angle juice
from the right angle on the opposite side
as the longest side it’s got a lot of pride
other angles smaller than 90 degrees
all add up to 180 don’t you see
leg can be opposite or adjacent
solve trig problems, don’t be complacent
need to use sine, cosine and tangent
properties of an angle, understand it
if not don’t worry too much
just use SOHCAHTOA to  get you through the clutch
sine is opposite over hypotenuse
cosine is adjacent over hypotenuse
tangent is opposite over adjacent
right angle expert now you can represent
with a calculator and limited info
you can figure out sides and angles bro
the way to measure ‘em when you see ‘em
formula called the Pythagorean theorem
let’s say hypotenuse is “c”
and the legs are “a” and “b”
in every right triangle everywhere
a2 + b2 = c2
Pythagoras was an old school G
in Greece he lived around 500 BC
wrote the first proof to the theorem
beat India to it and the Babylonians
let’s say you gotta build a ramp 3 feet tall
start it four feet from the wall
will let you know how much wood you need
shred that baby at just the right speed
just plug in 3 and 4
into the Pythagorean theorem, nothing more
take the square root of 25
length is five, now skate and stay alive
if a plane takes off at 40 degrees
how high is it if it travels 2000 feet
use SOHCAHTOA to find opposite
sine of 40 times 2000, that’s it
suppose you need to find a side
hypotenuse is 13, other is 5
find the missing leg by yourselves
Pythagorean theorem says that it’s 12

Fraction Ratio Percent Rap

When you got two fractions that are the same
but written differently, call it another name
it’s the same but now you’ve got a ratio
so amped about this I made the ratio flow
percent is also part of this scene
and decimal too, know what I mean
don’t get excited, I’ll explain exactly
you’ll understand man as a matter of factly
when you got part of a whole you only got a fraction
gonna show you how you can take action
can express it as something else don’t you know
call it a percent, ok here we go
take the top number that you call the numerator
then the bottom number you call the denominator
divide the top by the bottom then multiply
by 100, you got percent, gonna tell you why
a percent is the part of a whole
whole being 100, now we’re on a roll
just like a fraction a percent is a part
it’s also called a ratio, we’re only at the start
a ratio and a fraction are the same thing
but you gotta know somethin’ I swear on my bling
the line in a fraction is called “divided by”
it also means “is to”, gonna tell you why
ratios compare two similar fractions
don’t be confused, just take some action
realize one half is the same as two fourths
because 1 is to 2 as 2 is to 4
the word “as” can also mean “equals”
if you memorize this I’ll let you see the sequel
two thirds is the same as ten fifteenths
because 2 is to 3 as 10 is to 15
ratios aren’t hard, I ain’t lying
all you do is convert by multiplying
top and the bottom by the same number
to get a ratio of the fraction, you ain’t any dumber
sometimes you need to think a bit more
and find a missing number that you’re looking for
need to set up two similar fractions the correct way
into ratios, man you better not play
the missing number can be found by cross-multiplying
and doing some algebra, I told you I’m not lying
you can find the missing number in a snap
if you think of Algebro, he always got your back
fraction can be written as a decimal
level of doubt is infinitesimal
remember that the line means divide
gotta do long division, can’t let you slide
already rapped this in another track
not gonna repeat it, don’t wanna sound wack
you’re smart enough now to get it on your own
you can solve any problem man now you’re in a zone

Digestive System Rap

energy is obtained by nutrition
that’s how this rhyme will come to fruition
let’s start with your digestive tract
begins with your mouth and that’s a fact
teeth and tongue chop up the food you eat
mechanical digestion you just can’t beat
when you want to make the food easier to go
down the esophagus or food tube bro
before you swallow there’s one more thing
saliva dissolves starch chemically
uses an enzyme called amylase
goes on in your mouth while your stuffing your face
digestion abstracts energy
originally from the sun you gotta listen to me
plants absorb the rays and animals eat plants
we eat plants and animals man it makes me wanna dance
smooth muscles push that food through after you swallow
through the esophagus, a tube that’s hallow
peristalsis it’s called
even when you’re upside down food falls
into the stomach, contains HCl
coated with mucous, protects it well
enzyme pepsin digests proteins
at amino acid terminals like tyrosine
one more step to complete digestion
food goes from stomach to the small intestine
for proteins we have protease
fats broken down by lipase
maltase there to digest maltose
sucrase there to digest sucrose
liver makes bile stored in gall bladder
this all happens in the small intestine, a very important  matter
bile acts by emulsifying fat
food finally hydrolyzed, can  ya hear that
lining contains lots of villi
inside are capillaries, can you figure out why
nutrients are transported by the blood stream
takes it to the cells, systems work as a team
remember other system is circulatory
gives the cell energy but that’s another story
food dried of nutrients now but still lots of water
re-absorption in large intestine is a direct order
forms it into waste, feces is queued
stored in the rectum, ‘till you make a number 2
animals need to eat and are called heterotrophs
plants make food from the sun and are called autotrophs
it’s photosynthesis an entirely different process
if I explained that right now man it would be a mess
if you know how and why we need to eat that’s cool
make the right choices don’t be no fool
food eventually enters your blood from your head to your feet
that food becomes you, you are what you eat