E=mc^2 Rap

atom is the basic unit of matter and
all things alive or not are made of  ’em
they’re what you get when you breakdown anything
so that in the universe everything is everything
made up of 3 different parts
at the center is the nucleus, it’s the heart
Inside are protons, positively charged
each one of those Ps wants to live large
gotta be stuck together by a neutron you see
no charge, got the nuclear strong force G
if it weren’t for these guys, atoms be buggin’
and then there’d be no matter, there wouldn’t be nothin’
outside the nucleus is the third part
but don’t think it’s the end, it’s only the start
electrons are negative, attracted to the Ps
opposites attract in all of chemistry
inside the atom, protons call the shots
number of protons you have, tells ya the element ya got
need one neutron for every P
but as elements get heavy, more neutrons ya need
Uranium 235, 92 protons
subtract and get 143 neutrons
repelling protons, unstable dude
143 neutrons aint enough glue
neutron from outside hits it like a bullet
two smaller atoms form, 3 neutrons, that’s not it
chain reaction, nuclear fission comes alive
lots of neutrons slam U-235
parts of the whole lose mass, so somthin’ is missin’
must be binding energy, Einstein was guessin
he turned out to be right so don’t be scared
mass converts to energy cuz E=mc2
nuclear energy is mighty strong
when released, lasts really long
c is the speed of light you see
square it and you get 9 with 16 zeros B
that small change in mass you times it by
to get lots of energy as heat, that aint no lie
put it in a bomb, destroy a city
or power a plant to make electricity

Quadratic Formula Rap

negative b plus or minus the square root
of b squared minus 4ac all over 2a
negative b plus or minus the square root
of b squared minus 4ac all over 2a
an equation with a variable of x
exponent of 1 and 2, don’t mean to vex
and a whole number is a quadratic
recognizing this gonna be automatic
start with ax^2 + bx + c = 0 please
coefficients are ez as you’re a,b,c’s
how to solve for x is ez too bro
if ya follow the formula, just follow my flow
x^2 + 5x -6 = 0
take this quadratic’s coefficients fo’ sho
a is 1 b is 5 and c -6
for the erratic quadratic Rhyme ‘n Learn master mix
-5 plus or minus the square root
of 5^2 minus 4 times 1 times -6 dude
all over 2 times 1, this ain’t no trick
the solutions are 1 and -6
2x + 1 = -x^2  yo
that ‘s   x^2 + 2x +1 = 0
plug that sucka into the quadratic form
-2 plus or minus the square root of  2^2  minus 4
times 1 times 1 and you’re almost done
all over 2 times 1 son
will give you not two answers but one
simplify it all to get -1

Scientific Notation Rap

how do you write a number really big
without tiring out your hand, ya dig
say it’s a trillion that’s 1 and 12 zeros
1 million million, I aint writin that out bro
easy way to do it everyone from every nation
uses it, it’s called Scientific Notation
let’s start with a number like 110
look for the decimal, it’s at the end
move the decimal to the left a certain number of spaces
until there’s one space left, that’s two places
now you got 1.10 not done yet
add a x 10 with an exponent
exponents gonna be number of places you moved
in this case that’s gonna be two
now you got 1.10 x 102
drop off the zero, make it easier to write dude
yeah that Scientific Notation, call it SyNote
got about 100,000,000,000,000 cells in the human body
or 1.0 x 1014
sun is 92,955,807 miles away
write in SyNote, make it easier to say
find the decimal, move it to the left
that’s seven places, till there’s one left
round the decimal to 9.3 cuz it’s easier than
writing out 9.2955807
use SyNote so it doesn’t take an hour
9.3 x 107
SyNote also used for really tiny numbers
so writing them out doesn’t take the rest of the summer
virus of the common cold
is 0.00000003 meters bro
move the decimal to the right this time
8 places come on man don’t be blind
got 3.0 x 10-8
easier to write now man SyNote is great
in your computer you got a processor with
a width of 0.000000065 m, or 6.5 x 10-8
you’re using it right now
sign of the exponent easy to remember
simple rule to use beginning this September
large number sign is positive
small number sign is negative
SyNote uses x 10 with an exponent
as an easy way to rewrite is what I meant
whether big or small it’s for amounts that are extreme
check all your work, keep the math clean
population of US is 3 x 108
fraction of the world can you estimate
total is about 7 x 109 dude
first 7 divided by three is about 2
divide the exponents by subtracting
9 minus 8 is 1 is exactly
that’s how you do it to get 101
now you got 2 x 10 or 20 son
one human chromosome contains about
220,000,000 base pairs, or 2.2 x 108
an E.coli bacteria is 0.000002 m long, or 2.0 x 10-6
the distance to Mars is 78,000,000,000 m
or 7.8 x 1010
for numbers that are really large, or small
gotta use that SyNote