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Rebelde Parents Guide

    rebelde parents guide

    The new Netflix series Rebelde will premiere on 5 January 2022. To help parents prepare for the series’ premiere, here are some tips for guiding their kids through the show. As a parent, it’s imperative to watch the show with your children, but also look for a movie’s age classification. Read reviews and give your child an explanation for any bad reviews. Lastly, encourage regular breaks between shows by asking them to watch them with you.

    Estefania Villarreal

    A Rebelde Parents Guide provides information about the upcoming Netflix original Mexican teen drama. This parents’ guide covers everything from Rebelde’s Age Rating to the show’s writers and producers. The series is based on the telenovela of the same name. You can find the Rebelde age rating, release date, and more below. You can also find out who the writers and producers are, and how Rebelde fares in the critics’ polls.


    If you have kids who love watching teen shows, then you will want to check out Rebelde. The Mexican telenovela, which premiered on October 4, 2004, has received a reboot on Netflix. The newest season, which is now available on Netflix, introduces a new group of aspiring musicians while touching on some of the events of the original show. If you’re not familiar with the telenovela, you can read about the series’ characters and storyline here.


    A Rebelde parents guide will help you make the most of this teen drama. With eight main characters, this show features a diverse mix of teenagers with conflicting values. Featuring a dysfunctional parent-child relationship, teen romance, and school-related conflicts, Rebelde is perfect for fans of teenaged dramas. Although there is some violent content and alcohol use, the series is still rated “Teen” by the MPAA.


    If you are a parent looking for a step-by-step Rebelde parenting guide, you’ve come to the right place. The Rebelde phenomenon swept many people off their feet in the second half of the 2000s. The show explores class and how affluent parents support their child’s talent. But what is the Rebelde parents guide and why would it matter? Let’s take a closer look.

    Lizeth’s music program

    If you like musicals and love to watch Netflix’s shows, you’ll love Rebelde. This Netflix original series features catchy songs, dope vocal riffs, and relatable issues that student musicians can relate to. The cast of Rebelde includes Franco Masini and Alejandro Puente. Watch the Rebelde music video below to get a sneak peek at the series. It’s not available in the U.S. yet, but it’s available in the UK.

    Lizeth’s song “Rebelde”

    In the Netflix series, Rebelde, Lizeth Selene plays Andi Agosti, a rocker and drummer who refuses to play by the rules. Born on February 7, 1999, in Acapulco, Mexico, Lizeth has gained popularity since her role as Andi in the movie. Her Instagram account has more than 333,000 followers. While she has had success as a singer, her career has become a bit more focused on acting.