Nerve Cell Rap

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lots of information from outside world y’all
there’s a type of cell that helps you process it all
this rhyme’s gonna make you convulse
neuron transmits a nerve impulse
neuron is a nerve cell, it’s specialized
billions connected, if you didn’t realize
made of three parts mon
cell body, dendrites and axon
3 kinds are used when your reaching for a soda
sensory, interneuron, and motor
sensory feels the cold wet can
interneurons transmit message to the brain
and spinal cord, figure out what’s goin’ on
producing response in the motor neuron
cell body contain nucleus and organelles
dendrite receives the stimuli and tells
the axon to transmit impulse along
like railroad tracks to the next neuron
when not transmitting they have resting potential
lots of potassium ions inside is essential
less sodium ions inside the axonal membrane
Na K ATPase pump helps to maintain
pumps 3 sodiums outside
while pushing 2 potassiums inside
all those extra pluses cause negativity
charge inside of -70mV
neuronal membrane  is polarized
no stimulus will change it unless a decent size
minimum amount of stimulus for a neuron
is called a threshold for it to respond
action potential produces nerve impulse son
doesn’t fire part way, only all-or-none
sodium ion channels open up
lots of pluses rush in, that’s wassup
depolarization changes negative
inside is now 35 positive
potassium channels open, ions rush out
repolarization occurs through a different route
negative on the inside again
but the ions switched, inside is sodium
refractory period sets the neuron straight
sodium-potassium pump restores its former state
kicks out three sodiums
brings in two potassiums
until resting potential is reached again
you might feel cold at first and not feel it then
try jumping into a pool, neurons fire a lot
after a while you get numb unless water turns hot
through domino effect action potential spreads
transmitted down membrane till it gets to the end
end of axon is called axon bulb, jack
neurotransmitters released into the synapse
across this empty space binds to dendrites
of the next neuron at receptor sites
lots of neurotransmitters including acetylcholine
1st one discovered by Otto Loewi
won the Nobel Prize in 1936
father of Neuroscience man that’s pretty sick
acetylcholine stimulates skeletal muscle function
at the motor neuron of the neuromuscular junction
acetyl cholinesterase breaks down the excess
hangin’ around the synapse, cleans up that mess
myelin sheath insulates axon really well
increases impulse speed, produced by Schwann cells
impulse hops along nodes of Ranvier
gaps in between myelin sheaths, we clear
if you dis myelin it’ll make my blood boil
it’s mad important, memba Lorenzo’s Oil