Atom Rap

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what is this chart? I just don’t understand
these numbers and letters are making me dizzy man
first look at the atom, aint no big thing
basic unit of matter, a part of everything
inside float around the positive protons
along with all the neutral neutrons
protons by themselves get an atomic number
ok now I get it, cool as a cucumber
atomic number is the number on top
of those symbols, seems like they never stop
a symbol of a pure chemical it represents
or letters that represent an element
that’s all I need to know, yeah I got I right
but that’s just the start man, don’t put up a fight
nest thing is pretty fresh man this is the bomb
floatin’ outside is an electron
it gets real lonely when it’s only one
needs a friend to make a pair so it can have some fun
four pairs are even better to make a whole group of eight
now that there are eight, each one can feel really great
that’s four pairs times two and it’s called the octet rule
that’s easy math man I aint no dang fool
that’s how an electron loves to behave
can exist as a particle, can also be a wave
there’s another number we gotta learn in class
bigger than the atomic number, it’s called the atomic mass
atomic mass is equal to about two times the protons
a combo of equal parts protons and neutrons
in the heavy elements there might be some trouble
atomic mass can weigh  a lot more than double
lots of energy amongst all those extra neutrons
push together repelling positive protons
that single element can contain isotopes
different atomic masses, man that’s pretty dope
emits alpha, beta or gamma rays
process called radio-active decay
when these atoms split you’d better look out
nuclear energy makes me wanna shout
instead of fossil fuels, creates electricity
keep it out of bombs, like Obama use diplomacy
that’s what Einstein showed when he discovered this
the power of the atom you’d better not dis
it’s got binding energy it really wants to share
even when at rest its energy E=mc2
that’s enough background you need to know now
got to read the table, I’m gonna show you how
gonna have to come in the very next song
rap’s goin’ on and on and gettin’ too long