Circulatory System Rap

system’s called circulatory
nourishing cells is the gist of this story
heart pumps blood, takes oxygen we breathe
with nutrients to the cell it feeds
similar cells come together to form tissues
different tissues join so you won’t have any issues
organs work together to maintain life function
gonna rhyme about a system at this juncture
how do you transport nutrients to the cell
or take away waste, this I’m gonna tell
fluid transports smooth so that there’s no flood
it’s the circulatory system, uses a tissue called blood
blood’s make of plasma which is mostly water aight
suspends 2 types of cells, red blood cells and white
RBC’s contain hemoglobin carries O2
to every cell that make up me and you
white blood cells defend us, could be a phagocyte
eats them germs attacked by lymphocytes
lymphocytes produce antibodies that surround
bacteria or a virus, phagocyte gulps ‘em down
3 kinds of blood vessels so flow is maintained
capillaries arteries and veins
veins take blood to the heart, arteries away
if you can’t remember this think away = “a”
capillaries are microscopic, thickness of one cell
branch from arteries, keeps your tissues well
brings O2 and nutrients, takes away waste
CO2 released once O2 is displaced
process is called blood oxygenation
happens to every human from every nation
reason why we need to breathe all the time cant you see
aerobic organisms use it for energy
blood flows through the veins and on to the heart
a 4 chambered pump, it’s the most important part
blood enters right atrium from the vena cava
flows into right ventricle just like lava
right ventricle pumps to the lungs blood goes
gets more O2 then back to the heart it flows
through left atrium to the most muscular part
left ventricle pumps oxygenated blood to all your body parts
through the aorta a blood vessel baller
the largest artery then branches into smaller
down to capillaries drops off O2 you see
cycle then repeats automatically
now  you know the function of your blood and your heart
it’s so beautiful, not a science but an art
stay healthy, heart disease is killer #1
eat lots of raw veggies and exercise, son