Digestive System Rap

energy is obtained by nutrition
that’s how this rhyme will come to fruition
let’s start with your digestive tract
begins with your mouth and that’s a fact
teeth and tongue chop up the food you eat
mechanical digestion you just can’t beat
when you want to make the food easier to go
down the esophagus or food tube bro
before you swallow there’s one more thing
saliva dissolves starch chemically
uses an enzyme called amylase
goes on in your mouth while your stuffing your face
digestion abstracts energy
originally from the sun you gotta listen to me
plants absorb the rays and animals eat plants
we eat plants and animals man it makes me wanna dance
smooth muscles push that food through after you swallow
through the esophagus, a tube that’s hallow
peristalsis it’s called
even when you’re upside down food falls
into the stomach, contains HCl
coated with mucous, protects it well
enzyme pepsin digests proteins
at amino acid terminals like tyrosine
one more step to complete digestion
food goes from stomach to the small intestine
for proteins we have protease
fats broken down by lipase
maltase there to digest maltose
sucrase there to digest sucrose
liver makes bile stored in gall bladder
this all happens in the small intestine, a very important  matter
bile acts by emulsifying fat
food finally hydrolyzed, can  ya hear that
lining contains lots of villi
inside are capillaries, can you figure out why
nutrients are transported by the blood stream
takes it to the cells, systems work as a team
remember other system is circulatory
gives the cell energy but that’s another story
food dried of nutrients now but still lots of water
re-absorption in large intestine is a direct order
forms it into waste, feces is queued
stored in the rectum, ‘till you make a number 2
animals need to eat and are called heterotrophs
plants make food from the sun and are called autotrophs
it’s photosynthesis an entirely different process
if I explained that right now man it would be a mess
if you know how and why we need to eat that’s cool
make the right choices don’t be no fool
food eventually enters your blood from your head to your feet
that food becomes you, you are what you eat