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DNA is the building block of all life
power of these words will cut you like a knife
stands for deoxyribonucleic acid
make up genes packed in chromosomes, kid
just what is it that makes up life’s blueprint
called the genetic code but that’s just a hint
messages for the cell contained within
the nucleus of the cell is where it’s been
three billion molecules sequentially attached
most in a straight line but there’s a catch
it’s a type of chemical called a nucleotide
gonna explain now,  let’s start this ride
broken apart in 45 places
to make 46 chromosomes in all human cases
chunks of DNA wrapped real tight
stores it real good, keeps your genes right
what’s a gene, instruction for the cell son
about 23,000 of them in each one
that’s a lot of messages, tells the cell what to do
your eye color and hair and how tall you’ll be too
I’ll break it down even smaller if you care
what makes up a gene, 1400 base pairs
it’s the way DNA is organized
two strands twist together is what we realized
in 1953 when they discovered this
a double helix shape is how DNA exists
Watson and Crick won the Nobel prize
secret of life solved, answered a lot of  “whys”
4 types of DNA, each a nucleotide
a base with a phosphate and sugar outside
guanine always pairs with cytosine
thymine loves to get with adenine
hydrogen bonds make each pair really strong
to make a ladder that’s mad long
twist it and you got a double helix shape
the genius of nature you just can’t escape
that’s the story behind genes and DNA
if you forget don’t worry just in your mind say
DNA make up genes and genes make up chromosomes
nucleus is where chromosomes find a home
how can all your cells have the same genes
liver different from your brain, know what I mean
in each cell different genes are turned off and on
type of cell decides which ones are called upon
cells need to divide before they get worn out
makes fresh ones every day if you ever had a doubt
DNA undergoes process of replication
2 new strand are formed, look out for mutations
double helix gets unzipped with helicase
nucleotides are added by DNA polymerase
mutation can happen if not in the right order
may cause cancer or Alzheimer’s, a genetic disorder