Cell Rap

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in the world there are two kinds of things
the ones that are alive and the ones non-living
I’m not busting this rhyme hoping that it sells
I’m here to drop some knowledge, the difference is the cells
cells are the basic units of all life
make up plants and animals, not a fork or a knife
won’t find them in rocks or even in your rims
they’re in your head and in your toes, when you take off your timbs
all creatures have them in the water or on land
a lion or a shark, a crab living in the sand
cells also make up any type of plant
a tree or a bush, this mic I’m holding it just can’t
it’s got to be made up of cells to be living
a blade of grass, a flower or a turkey before Thanksgiving
cells..we’re made up of cells
cells are made of organelles
cells..we’re made up of cells
cells are made of organelles
all plants and animals are made up of cells
each cell is made up of parts called organelles
so tiny you need a microscope to see
about 100 trillion cells make up you me
even tinier are the parts called organelles
most important is the nucleus, it’s the brains of the cell
packed in chromosomes contains the DNA
tells the cell what to do, and the nucleus, it don’t play
then there are ribosomes that make protein
also are the lysosomes, they keep the cell clean
throughout the cell travels the endoplasmic reticulum
its job is to transport proteins to and from
and then there are vacuoles to store food and waste
and the golgi complex to package protein the cell makes
you know what, all plants and animals are made up of cells
and each cell is made up of parts called organelles
the mitochondrion is the cell’s powerhouse
it helps a cat run when it’s chasing a mouse
from oxygen and food it makes energy
it takes air and a burger to create ATP
this is a process called aerobic respiration
it’s why we always need to breathe at work or on vacation
the doorway to the cell is the cell membrane
a flexible outer shell it’s job is to contain
all of the organelles it makes me want to shout
‘cuz it lets the good things in and keeps the bad things out
besides the organelles the cell isn’t empty space
it’s filled with a cytoplasm,  I’ll say it to your face
it’s a fluid made of mostly water so things can float around
you best believe this or else you’ll get a beat-down
now there is a big difference between a plant and you
plant cells have all the same organelles but two
it’s surrounded by something to make it stand tall
it doesn’t have any bones so it needs a cell wall
the other in a plant helps to make it’s own food
it’s called a chloroplast,  I ain’t trying to be rude
you see plants are not like us because they don’t have to eat
gonna faint when you here this, you better take a seat
it’s called photosynthesis and you’re ain’t gonna believe it
plants turn sunrays into food, can you even conceive it
a hundred trillion cells make up you and me
it’s the basic unit of all life, don’t you see
now you know everything there is to know about the cell
I’m so proud that you do it makes me want to yell