Skeletal System Rap

an organ that permits locomotion
lets you move around on land or swim in the ocean
also protects, 206 of them
bones are part of your endoskeleton
two bones come together, that’s called a joint
no not this rap joint, you get the point
bones move together within a groove
cartilage coats your joints, keeps it smooth
cartilage, a tissue made of collagen
make up your ear and nose and a shark’s fin
top of a baby’s head and its knee cap
has more than 300 bones that’s a fact
babies’ bones not fused together yet son
with age they make stronger ones
cartilage gets an ossification fix
turns 300 bones into 206
inside bones the soft marrow dwells
produces red and white blood cells
hope you never need a bone marrow transplant, bud
means you got leukemia or cancer of the blood
largest bone is femur,  in your thigh you hear
smallest is stapes, amplifies sounds in your ear
three kinds of muscles: skeletal, smooth and cardiac
work with bones so you can move forward and back
involuntary are cardiac and smooth
even when you sleep, man them suckas move
skeletal is only one you can control
on the b-ball court or playing rock ‘n roll
if you exercise too much, might feel some pain
that’s ok because no pain no gain
slow and fast twitch muscles, depends on what you need
slow for marathons, fast when you need speed
myoglobin makes muscles red
binds O2 more easily than hemoglobin
more energy created for endurance
more myoglobin in the slow twitch
100,000 sarcomeres in one muscle cell
how it works now I’m gonna tell
made of proteins like tropomyosin
keeps separated myosin and actin
this is when your bummin’, singing lodi dodi
“get up and move  you bum”  your brain tells your body
calcium released from sarcoplasmic reticulum
unlocks tropomyosin from actin
myosin loves actin, sees that it’s free
wants to get with it, that’s how its gotta be
binds with  crossbridges, creating power strokes
muscle contracts, man that aint no joke
how are bones and muscles attached
ligament connects bone to bone that’s a fact
tendons attach muscle to bone
now you know it all and you’re in the bone zone