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Spanish Movies For Kids

    Watching Spanish movies for kids is an excellent way to expose your kids to the target language. There are several options available for you: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Dora Marquez. The internet also has an extensive selection of educational TV shows and cartoons. For a more interactive experience, try watching Dora Marquez or an animated movie about Spanish culture. You might even find a few that your children will enjoy.


    There are plenty of good Spanish movies for kids on Netflix, but the list is short. The most popular are Rango and Avatar, both starring Bill Hader. Both feature the titular character, who has an invention that turns water into food, and the story follows their adventures as they escape from detention. These Spanish movies for kids are great options for the whole family, especially if you’re trying to get your children to learn the language.


    If you are looking for an animated film for your kids to enjoy, consider Hulu. Whether they are two years old or eight, this streaming service has something for every age group. A fun film to watch with the whole family can be “Antz,” a 90s animated comedy about a worker ant who becomes an anti-hero who saves his community from a threatening outsider. It is an excellent transitional film from English subtitles to a full-blown movie.


    If you’re looking for Spanish movies for kids on Amazon, you’ve come to the right place! Amazon Prime Video has thousands of movies in all languages, including Spanish. Many are free with an Amazon Prime subscription, while others are just a few dollars. Netflix seems to have a good selection of Spanish movies for kids, too. Just be sure to check the parents guide to make sure they’re appropriate for kids. There are even some Spanish-language movies you might enjoy watching together as a family!

    Dora Marquez

    For almost 20 years, young children have been enchanted by the adventures of seven-year-old Latina girl Dora Marquez, who appears in the popular Nickelodeon TV series Dora the Explorer. Along with her monkey friend Boots, Dora helps young viewers learn geography, math, problem-solving, and even basic Spanish. Now, the character makes her big screen debut in Dora and the Lost City of Gold.


    If you are looking for a fun Spanish movie for your little ones, Pachamama is a great choice. This colorful, inspiring film is the result of 14 years of work by writer-director Juan Antin. The story revolves around the earth-loving Pachamama and the people who worship her. The first offering must include a treasured possession. Afterwards, a child must offer food to the earth goddess.

    The little mermaid

    If you are looking for a great Spanish movie for children, look no further than The Little Mermaid. The live action version is a classic tale that will be sure to delight young audiences. A girl named Elle discovers a mermaid trapped in a glass tank in Mississippi. The mermaid has been trapped by an evil wizard who kept her from her home deep in the ocean.