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Tenten and Might Guy – Myths About Rock Lee and Metal Lee’s Parents Revealed

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    Among the many myths surrounding the Rock Lee and Metal Lee series are their parents. In addition to the usual theories regarding the parents of the two MMA fighters, there is also speculation on the parentage of Tenten and Might Guy. These theories are not based on any concrete evidence, however. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones. In the series, Rock Lee relys on his guardian, Gai, as his parents are presumed dead.

    Metal Lee’s parents

    As one of the strongest and most charismatic characters in the manga, Metal Lee’s parents are the perfect complement to their son’s strength and charm. His mother, unlike her son, is not a ninja but a quiet, loving person. The two spend most of their time together and are a delightful sight to behold. The manga is filled with exciting and entertaining storylines, so you are sure to be entertained from start to finish.

    Metal Lee’s parents are unknown but are believed to be two of the three main characters. The manga series has several versions of this character, and the voice of the first is given by Tenten. Like her son, Metal Lee’s parents have similar looks, including a rounded forehead, brown eyes, and thick eyebrows. Although there are no confirmed details about their parentage, the manga chapters have made their appearance more interesting.

    Rock Lee’s mother

    If you’re wondering who Metal Lee’s mother is, you are not alone. Fans are also trying to learn more about the character’s past and her relationship with her adopted son, Metal. While there is no concrete proof yet, fans believe it is likely to be her. The mystery will only deepen if she were revealed. Metal Lee shares many of Rock Lee’s facial features and physical characteristics. If the story is true, it would also give a lot more insight into the character’s background.

    According to popular tradition, Rock Lee’s mother is a widow, who died in childbirth. It is believed that she was left by her boyfriend with the child, as she spent most of her time away from the family. As she was focused on her martial arts training, Rock Lee didn’t give much attention to his other half. As a result, the child grew up feeling abandoned by both his father and his girlfriend.

    Might Guy

    The Sublime Green Beast of Prey Might Guy is the leader of Team Guys, a team composed of Rock Lee, Tenten, and Neji Hyuga. In many ways, Might Guy serves as Rock Lee’s surrogate father, and is considered a lifetime rival of Kakashi. The three members of Team Guy are from the same clan, and thus, are also seen as his parents.

    Many viewers, particularly new time watchers, may think that Might Guy and Rock Lee are related, but the creators have never explicitly stated this. The relationship between Might Guy and his father is implied through his appearance, although neither of them has been confirmed. Though their looks resemble each other, it is clear that they are not clones of each other. As such, it is difficult to determine who is Rock Lee’s biological father.


    The main characters of this manga are Tenten and Rock Lee. Tenten is the son of Rock Lee and Tenjin, and they are the parents of Naruto. Tenjin is Tenten’s sister, while Rock Lee is Tenjin’s son. Tenjin is a martial artist who was trained by his father, Chen. His secret technique was called Leaf Dragon God, and he was capable of fighting Kabuto with the power of the Leaf Dragon God. The villain Kabuto stole Chen’s DNA, but he was ultimately defeated by Rock Lee and his friends.

    Metal has a mysterious history. Although it is possible that her parents are the same, this remains unconfirmed. Though she is a member of Rock Lee’s old squad, she was not his mother. It has also been suggested that she married Sasuke’s former squadmate. The theory is based on a scene from the opening scene of Boruto.