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The Changes Trilogy by Peter Dickinson – Kid’s Book Overview

    The Changes Trilogy by Peter Dickinson


    The Children’s book The Changes Trilogy by Peter Dickinson will typically be a good fit for kids who have a reading comprehension level of 13 years of age.

    Based on typical maturity levels and interests of kids at a similar age, most children aged 14 will find that the book is a good fit for their interests, and won’t be too childish, or too mature for them (this is just a general recommendation.

    Short Synopsis

    We’ve included a short synopsis below:

    Gripped by a strange fear, England closes its doors to the outside world. In a tunnel beneath Wales one man opens a crack in a mysterious stone wall, and all over the island of Britain people react with horror to perfectly normal machines. Abandoning their cars on the roads and destroying their own factories, many flee the cities for the countryside, where they return to farming and an old-fashioned life. When families are split apart and grown-ups forget how they used to live, young people face unexpected challenges.
    A classic in the teen sci-fi genre, perfect for those who have read all the contemporary YA dystopian novels and want to see where it all began.

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