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The Crystal Stair by Catherine Fisher – Kid’s Book Overview

    The Crystal Stair by Catherine Fisher


    The Children’s book The Crystal Stair by Catherine Fisher will typically be a good fit for kids who have a reading comprehension level of 8 years of age.

    Based on typical maturity levels and interests of kids at a similar age, most children aged 12 will find that the book is a good fit for their interests, and won’t be too childish, or too mature for them (this is just a general recommendation.

    Short Synopsis

    We’ve included a short synopsis below:

    The Crystal Stair picks up after At the World’s End. Caz and Will live in a settlement for survivors of the frozen world. Caz hasn’t seen her father for nine years, when the Blue Star poisoned and froze the planet. She can’t let go of the feeling that he may still be alive somewhere, and when she finds a secret file containing information about him, she’s determined to investigate. Caz and Will soon find themselves out in the frozen landscape once again, and it’s even more dangerous than last time.
    This is a fantastic sequel for this dystopian series, keeping the fast pace of At the World’s End. It will certainly leave the reader asking for more.

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