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Who Are Asta’s Parents?

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    Many theories have circulated on the Internet about the identity of Asta. However, no theory came close to being convincing, especially the one about her extraordinary powers. There is no magic in Asta’s body, and the life force of a human is called mana, not magic. Furthermore, it would be impossible to create a homunculus, because a human’s life force is not magic, but mana. Black Clover herself denied the idea that Asta is an artificial human.


    There is a strong relationship between Asta and Noelle from the Harry Potter series. Although Asta rejects magic, he has a great respect for Noelle, the father he calls his son. Despite her arrogance, Noelle warms to Asta and becomes a faithful and loyal member of the Magic Knights Brigade. Despite their close relationship, their parents are at odds. Although both characters are loyal to one another, they have different goals and personalities.

    Liebe Asta

    According to lore, the god of cats, Liebe Asta, was born from the union between a human girl named Licita and a devil named Lucifer. Liebe and Asta were raised by the woman in a magical garden. During this period, the two cats were devoted to one another. The woman eventually remarried. As Liebe and Asta were related, their appearances were similar, as they were both born from the same mother.

    Father Orsi

    As a priest, Father Orsi has always considered the orphans to be his own children. Although he tries to teach his children morals, he is proud of Asta’s rise to the Magic Knights. In fact, he is so proud of Asta’s growth in the Magic Knights that he sends most of his monthly wage to the village church. Orsi repairs the village church and provides food for the parishioners, and he declares that the church will always be his home for his son.

    Yuno’s abusive husband

    A series of vignettes that depict the lives of the children of a dysfunctional family. The father of Yuno, Arie, and Sakaki reveals his violent side in a number of ways, including verbally abusing his children and threatening them with violence. Although this father is often regarded as a loving and supportive parent, he also abuses his children and uses them as pawns.

    Sister Lily

    Sister Lily is the caretaker of the Hage orphanage. She is pale and has dark blue hair, which she part on her forehead. She has big teal eyes and a black beauty mark on her left eye. She wears a nun’s habit and a gold cross on a bead necklace. The two children are very close and often play together.


    As orphans, Nash and Asta are unsure of where to turn for help. Nash has brown hair, purple eyes, and small freckles on his nose. He wears a moss green sweater, light purple long-sleeve shirt, grey pants, and brown shoes. His parents don’t approve of his life, and he takes notice of Asta’s love for his older sister.